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Honey is considered the oldest natural sweetener in our civilization, and has been the most important in Europe until the 16th century. In ancient Greece and Egypt, honey was considered a delicacy that only a privileged few could enjoy.

Following the regulations, Moncabrer honey does not contain any additives or chemical substances added in the extraction and packaging process.

With the passage of time and experience, love, passion and the challenge to produce exquisite honey have achieved that MIEL MONCABRER has a unique and impeccable range of a wide variety of honeys.


Delimiel Premium is one of our ranges that stand out for its exquisiteness and gourmet flavour.

We will find three varieties in Delimiel Premium honeys. Firstly, orange blossom honey from the nectar of orange and lemon flowers, with its characteristic thick texture that makes it crystallize quickly in the bottle that contains it. The flavour of this honey is delicate, with a characteristic smell of orange blossoms.

On the other hand, mountain honey is also part of our gourmet range. The mountain flowers are responsible for giving it that amber colour of a dark hue, together with an intense and persistent aroma and a sweet taste nuanced by salty notes.

Finally, rosemary honey with a creamy texture, ready for the most demanding palates. It is a 100% natural type of honey, produced by bees based on the nectar they extract from rosemary flowers, a highly aromatic shrub. Delimiel rosemary honey is very light in colour, with a soft and delicate aroma, and a characteristic sweet flavour that differentiates it from other honeys. At Miel Moncabrer we harvest rosemary honey during the first early season, in the south, southwest and southeast of the Peninsula.

It should be noted that, like the rest of our honeys, Delimiel Premium is a 100% honey harvested in Spain.

Honey Moncabrer

Miel Moncabrer offers you one of the best raw honeys on the market, and that is that we take care of eliminating possible impurities from the honeycomb by resting it, without heating or pasteurizing it, which means that the honey maintains all its properties and original flavour depending on its origin. of the flower

The softness and purity of Honey Moncabrer raw honey is characterized by the artisanal production from when the bee transports the flower’s nectar, to the final packaging and labelling, avoiding at all costs any heat process that causes the loss of its aromatic properties.

All types of honey (orange blossom, lavender, rosemary or thyme) vary in colour, flavour and texture, but always maintaining the quality and freshness of unprocessed honey.