We began our commercial travel in the world of honey in 1985. Motivated by the crisis of the 1980s in the textile sector, my father, Juan González, decided to turn his business around and enter a world as natural and exciting as honey and started this company that today I have the honour of directing.

We started selling our products in popular markets in town squares, we liked to interact directly with our consumers and improve thanks to their opinions.

From the first moment, we have always had a clear objective: To offer the best service to our clients with a product of the highest quality, we understand that this is the only way to establish solid and lasting commercial relations in any part of the world, a world every increasingly competitive and demanding.

Miel Moncabrer – Online sale of Honey, Royal Jelly, Pollen and Propolis


We are a family company, with a small infrastructure, which allows us to maintain a close and direct relationship with our clients, who are our reason for being. This aspect gives us a clear advantage over the large companies in the sector.


We pursue the challenge of making bee products and honey known to the whole world, that great unknown to the public, especially the exquisite honey of our country, Spain. We know that it is one of the noblest products that nature offers us and with great benefits for our health and we want consumers to learn to appreciate it as we do every day. In part, our existence depends on the work that our friends, the bees, do to get honey. As Albert Einstein stated: “If the bee disappeared from the planet, man would only have 4 years to live”

Víctor González, manager of Miel Moncabrer.