We started in the world of honey in 1985.We were motivated by the textile crisis of the 80s.My father Juan González decided to change his business activity and to work in the exciting and natural world of honey.This way how this company started and nowadays I have the honour of manage it.

We began to sell our products in popular markets in the squares of the towns. We liked talking with our clients and we have improved thanks to their opinions.

At first, we have always had a clear objective: Offering the best service to our clients with a high quality product. We believe in this is the only way to make strong and lasting business relations everywhere the world. A world which is getting more and more competitive and demanding.





We are a family company, with a little infrastructure. This way we can have a close and straight relationship with our customers, they are our raison d´être. This aspect gives us a big advantage versus our competence.


We want everybody to know about  the apicultural products and the honey, which is a very unknown product for the public, especially the delicious honey of our country, Spain. We know it is one of the noblest products that the nature gives us and it has big benefits for our health. We pretend that costumers learn to appreciate it in the same way as we do everyday. Our existence depends on the job the bees, do to get honey honey. Albert Einstein said: “If bees disappeared from the surface of the Earth, humankind would only have left four years to live”

Víctor González , gerente de Miel Moncabrer